Weight Release

Over the past 12 years LaShun has had tremendous success coaching clients during their weight loss journey.


But, how many times have you started your weight loss journey over?  Telling yourself it will be diffrent this time.  How many times have your let your frustrations or a bad day lead to emotional eating?  How many times have you gained and lost the same 10lbs?  How many Mondays have been a fresh start? The list goes on and on.  


Try something new, invest in yourself and your goals with an experienced Nutrition, Weight Loss and Life Coach.  Releasing weight not only has to do with your physical body but the need to release emotional weight as well. 


Begin your LAST journey with LaShun by scheduling a New Client Consulation for WEIGHT RELEASE. Weight release encompasses more than just food choices and exercise but treating all parts of you, Mind, Body & Spirit. 

Ankh Feminine Wellness Spa offers several services to assist in your weight release journey.  Life Coaching for weight release, natural supplements, Lipotropic injections and the HCG program. Please take a moment to view the videos for more information. 

HCG Weight Loss

HCG is the pregnancy hormone and when combined with a low fat, low carb, low calorie diet it forces the body to lose body fat and weight FAST!!

HCG has 4 Phases

Phase 1- Loading or Gorging 

You start taking the HCG injection and  for 2-3 days you will eat what you like,  high fat food is recommended.  This phase of the protocol should not be skipped, it is important and has a valuable role in your weight loss success. 

Phase 2 -Weight Loss

You continue taking the HCG injection and you start to follow the HCG approved food list.  During this phase you will lose weight.  Keys to success is to stick to the approved list and drink plenty of water.  Exercise is not necessary during this phase but if you want to exercise, Ankh Feminine Wellness Spa only recommends walking. 

Results depend on you and your adherance to the HCG protocol but over the past 11 years of working with the protocol clients have averaged the following results: 

21 Days 15-17lbs

28 Days 20-23lbs

40 Days 30-35lbs

You can lose more, it depends on your dedication to the protocol. 

Phase 3 Stabilization

Stabilization is very important.  During stabilization you discontinue to the HCG injection, You start exercising and you are given a new approved HCG food list.  The new list has more options and food choices.  The purpose of Phase 3 stabilization is to stablize the weight you have lost.  You don't gain or lose during this phase.  You want your body to get accustomed to you new weight.  You'll stay in stabilization for at least 28 days; after 28 days you can start the HCG protocol over to lose more weight or you can continue to the next phase. 

Phase 4 Maintenance

During the maintenance phase you will recieve assistance to reintegrate carbohyrdates back in to your diet slowly.  Slow integration ensures that you don't regain the weight you've lost!

 Ankh Feminine Wellness is all about your success in keeping the weight off. At Ankh Feminine Wellness Spa we RELEASE weight!

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