LaShun has over 20 years working in the wellness industry. She has worked with clients diagonosed with obesity, diabetes, asthma,  high blood pressure and cholesterol.  But, she is most passionate about working with women and assisting them in releasing weight, not only physical weight but the emotional, mental and spiritual weight that has attached to them.  

Emotional, mental and spiritual weight that has attached to a person goes undetected and you wonder why you can't physically lose weight. It's because there's a need to go deeper, this is where LaShun can assist in identifying your blockages for release. 

LaShun is a Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist, Goddess Yoni Steam Practitioner, Fibroid Relief Specialist, Sekhem Living Light Energy Healer and a Kemetic Reiki Practitioner. LaShun uses all these modalities to assist YOU in your weight release journey.



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