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Do you have a green pant outfit?

When I was around 9 years old my family moved to Jacksonville NC. When we arrived, we did not have much and there wasn’t much money for clothes. My mom worked and provided what she could. When you are a young girl dealing with other young girls can be a challenge when you do not have much. Sometimes other little girls do not have a problem pointing out what you don’t have.

There came a time when I did receive a few new outfits. I remember there was a green pair of pants that I absolutely loved to wear. I would have worn them every day if I could have. They fit me just right. I was tall for my age so having pants that were not “high water” was the best thing ever. I was skinny and these pants were not baggy on me. I did wear them at least once a week and when I wore them my confidence was on 10!! You could not tell me nothing. I felt amazing all day long. My walk changed. I held my head up high. I spoke differently. I was the “ish”.

Fast forward to age 12 or so, I was talking to a classmate that I went to elementary school with, and she said remember those green pants you used to wear. I said yes and she went on to say, girl you loved those pants! She started laughing, I guess with thoughts of how I acted in those pants. I laughed as well because I remembered those pants.

I say all of that to say this, what you wear can change your whole attitude. Those green pants gave me a confidence that help my light to shine so brightly that other people noticed when I wore them. I had a new attitude.

When I remembered this account, I thought to myself, how can I recapture that energy? I went into my closet and I removed any shirt, skirt, dress, shoe….anything that didn’t make me feel like when I wore those green pants. When I finished, my closet was nearly empty. Tears rolled down my face. I realized on a day-to-day basis I was dimming my light.

After a good cry and releasing the thoughts of what I had been doing to myself, I thought ok. Let’s build a new wardrobe that makes me feel and look great. I started thinking about what I wanted to my fashion style to be. I researched my body type and how I should dress to best suit my frame. I started looking at fashion magazines. I’m loving doing this for myself. How do I know the outfit is for me, it has to make me feel like when I wore those green pants!

-LaShun Teboh

Goddess Glow Up Coach

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