Take a deep breath and imagine the stresses of your day being released and having a euphoric feeling that can lasts for hours…
Now that you have that visual, sit back and imagine yourself enjoying our premier Self-Love Mini Retreat.  The Goddess Spa Experience.  


Your retreat will start with a cup of Herbal Tea to bring calmness and then you will be pampered with an Herbal Detox Foot soak to assist in removing toxins but leaving your feet feeling AMAZING!

You will then be escorted to a lavender infused room that will make feel as if you have stepped into a dream.  This will be your first WooSah moment.  You will then dress in a beautiful satin gown and lay on a massage table where you will receive a guided mediation session to bring on a state of blissfulness. Once your mediation session is completed your womb massage will begin.  Warm oil will be used to anoint your sacred womb space.  The womb massage is to improve the flow of life force energy “chi” to the abdominal organs.  A womb massage will make you feel amazing. At first you may feel tense but once you completely relax, the massage will bring a feeling that makes you feel light in your body. Once the womb massage is complete, you will receive a French Green Clay Womb Wrap.  The wrap is to assist in pulling impurities from your womb area and deposit much needed minerals.  While the wrap is doing its job, healing crystals will be place on your womb space to bring balance. While your womb is receiving healing energy you will receive a foot massage that promotes balance within the heart and womb space. 

Wait….your Goddess Spa Experience is not over, once the wrap is removed you will then be assisted to the Queen Yoni chair with your custom blend of herbs, while on the Yoni chair you may decide to journal or enjoy the quietness of your treatment. After your yoni steam has come to completion you will be escorted to the Sacred Dream Room; you will probably fall asleep as the chi machine gently rocks your body to improve alignment of the hips. 

Your session will conclude with a Fire Release Ritual, ase’. 

Included in this Mini Self-Love Retreat
Herbal Tea, Meditation, Herbal Foot Detox Soak, Womb Massage, Womb Wrap, Crystal therapy, Foot Massage, Yoni Steam, Sacred Dream Room with chi machine hip alignment, Fire Release Ritual, Goddess Gift

Divine Diva Detox

Toxins are EVERYWHERE!!  
In the air we breathe, the food we eat, the products we put on our bodies and the water we drink!!  
So how do you get rid of your TOXINS?  
Ankh Feminine Wellness designed the Divine Diva Detox to assist you in detoxing that wonderful body of yours. 
This treatment will start with a cup of herbal tea to start the thermogenic burn. You’ll then be given a gentle cleansing herb tablet that will work hours after you leave the spa.  While sipping on your tea you’ll enjoy an Ionic Foot Detox that will assist in pulling toxins from your entire body.  The Ionic Foot Detox has been known to help relieve arthritic pain and relieve sinus congestion.  While receiving your Ionic Foot Detox, an ear candling will be done to help draw out excess ear wax. 

Once your foot detox is completed your entire body will be treated to body wrap that is infused with Sea Moss.  Sea Moss is known to contain 92 essential minerals that our body needs.  So, as you detox, your body will also be absorbing much needed essential minerals. You will also be served delicious fruit infused alkaline detox water during your session…and a bonus, most clients burn about 300 calories during their body wrap session!!

After your body wrap you will be led to the Yoni Steam room where you will dress in a Divine Diva Satin Gown and receive a yoni steam infused with herbs that assist with PH balance and overall feminine well-being.  The Yoni Steam will also bring about the relaxation a Diva deserves. Your session will conclude after you’ve spent a few minutes in the relaxation room. 

Included in this session:
Fruit Infused Alkaline Water, 4 Cleansing Herbal Tablets, Ionic Foot Detox, Sea Moss Infused Detox Body Wrap, Yoni Steam, Ear Candling
**During your wrap session you will sweat, bring a change of underwear**

© 2021  Created with love by LaShun 

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