Goddess Yoni Steam Experience

Not only may yoni steaming provide physical healing to your body temple, but yoni steaming can also be healing mind body and spirit. LaShun has created an experience that will leave you relaxed, assist in gaining clarity and releasing unwanted energy to bring balance to you. Yoni steaming is an act of self-love and self-care.  It’s a lovely way to honour your body temple and your lovely lady parts!


Your session will begin with an ionic foot detox to start the releasing of toxins that do not serve your body.  While you are detoxifying you'll be serve yoni tea to start the relaxation process.  


After your foot detox is completed you will be led to a private lavendar infused room where you will dress in a beautiful satin gown.  

Once dressed, LaShun will assist you with sitting over your herbs.

LaShun will then guide you through deep breathing to assist you in entering a state of relaxation and meditation.  At some point during your session you will begin to release the things that does not serve you and your greatest good.  You will do this by writing them down.  LaShun will be there to guide you through this process. 


Your Goddess Yoni Steam Experience will conclude with a fire release ceremony to petition God/the most high/universe to take care of those things you are releasing.  Its a beautiful feeling!


Included in this package:

Goddess Yoni Steam
Ionic Foot Detox
Yoni Tea
Fruit Bowl
Fire Release Ceremony 

This session is an investment in you for $75

Limited Time Only


Queen & King's Steam 

Tired of the same ole' date nights.... try something new.  Ankh Feminine Wellness now offers The King & Queen's steam.  This couples service is for YOU and the love of your life.  Your session includes an Ionic Foot Detox for two and custom Yoni and Lingham Steam blends; for the Queen, you have a choice of the Sweet Punani or Wise Woman Yoni Steam blend and for the King, a custom lingham steam infused with organic herbs that may assist in keeping the prostate healthy.  


Custom Yoni Steam
Custom Lingham Steam  (sanskrit word for penis-meaning pillar of light)
Ionic Foot Detox for two
Fruit infused alkaline water
Aroma and Sound Therapy


Wise Woman Yoni Steam 

The Wise Woman Yoni Steam was created for mature women that may be going through or nearing menopause.  This organic blend of herbs may assist with vaginal dryness, enhance sexual libido, cleansing, ph and hormonal balance.  


Fibroid No Mo' Yoni Steam 

The Fibroids No Mo’ Yoni steam was created for women that have fibroids.  This steam has a custom blend of organic herbs that may assist with reducing the symptoms associated with fibroids.  Heavy periods, irregularity, cramping and may assist with the releasing of the fibroid itself. In conjunction with other natural fibroid treatments. This yoni steam may also assist with cleaning and pH balance. 

It is recommended that you do this treatment at least once a month, after your cycle. But more optimal results can be acheived when combining yoni steams with womb massage and clay womb wraps. 

Included in this service: 

No Mo' Fibroids Yoni Steam

Sound & Aromatherapy


Attract Yo' Divine Mate

This Yoni Steam Treatment is all about attraction of your Divine Mate.  Your session will start with a Yoni Steam that is not only healing for your yoni but will also include herbs that have the energy to assist in attracting your Divine Mate.

During your session you will set your intentions and go home with special instructions a herbal bath and dressed candle that can assist in attracting that special someone in your life.

Sound and aroma therapy
Crystal Infused Yoni Steam (healing and attraction combination)
Intention Setting
Attraction Herbal Bath and Dressed Candle for home


Sacred Self-Love

One of the greatest acts of Self Love is honoring and showing appreciation for your body temple. Ankh Feminine Wellness' Self Love Package includes an Ionic Foot Detox for whole body detoxification, a customized Yoni Steam to rejuvenate your lovely lady parts and Herbal Detox Body Steam for further detoxification, relaxation and self-care. The Self Love Package is an investment into YOU!

Included in this package:

Yoni Steam

Ionic Foot Detox

Herbal Detox Body Steam

Yoni Tea


New Mommy Goddess Yoni Steam

Just had a baby and want to pamper yourself, then this service was designed for you and your postpartum needs.  

The custom New Mommy Yoni Steam Blend consists of organic herbs that may assist in your healing after childbirth.  Included in this service is a womb massage to assist in circulating oxygen rich blood to the abdominal area and reproductive organs. A Womb Wrap to re-mineralize and promote detoxification in the abdominal and womb space.  You will also receive foot reflexology to further relax you. 

Included in this service:
New Mommy Yoni Steam Blend
Womb Massage
Womb Wrap
Foot Reflexology
Sweet Yoni Tea (spring water if you are nursing)
Aroma and Sound therapy
New Mommy Gift


Detox Yo' Ex Yoni Steam 

Detox the energy of your EX with a Yoni Steam!!  Release the enegy of an EX and cut that ethereal cord that keeps your EX in your thoughts and heart.  Special crystal charged herbs used in this session along with aroma and sound therapy a cord cutting ceremony and an herbal bath with special instructions to take home to enjoy.

The herbal bath contains herbs that may assist in attracting that NEW special love to your life!!  Schedule today!!

Detox Yo' Ex Yoni Steam Blend
Sweet Yoni Tea 
Cord Cutting
Heart Womb Release
Spiritual Herbal Bath and Dressed Candle for Attraction
Aroma & Sound Therapy


© 2020  Created with love by LaShun 

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